Our team

A family business appreciating beauty & getting results

We are a husband and wife, so team matters to us, and we bring a blend of creativity and process that makes for impactful and enjoyable projects


About us

We are a husband and wife team who work together to bring our skills and expertise to the table, making you look great.

We went freelance in 2010 to support a semi-itinerant lifestyle, working internationally in France and Morocco; across sectors, including tourism and petrochemical; and all the way from charities to big projects with multi-national bluechip companies.

We are driven by making an impact, getting visible results and building good relationships.

We help entrepreneurs, small businesses and charities achieve their communications goals stylishly and with impact.

We work with integrity, are transparent and aim for excellence.



Creative Director

Rachael is a graphic designer and web developer who enjoys working on projects and starting new ventures. She loves nothing more than getting the creative juices going!

Outside of work she's busy creating eclectic crafts (like making industrial lamps, American quilting, and creating luxury art prints and cards), renovating the Edwardian family home in Derby or weeding at the allotment.

Last, but certainly not least, she's a mum to three fantastic daughters - there's lots of glitter and pink in their place!

Rachael's passionate that you get the product and site that fits your business or charity that takes you to the next level.


Founding Director

Simon is an eclectic beast with experience in the Army, mountaineering world, corporate management consultancy and charity sector.

Nothing excites him more than a business plan and engaging an audience through a campaign.

Variety is the spice of life for Simon, so his latest pursuit is swinging around a kettlebell, but he's equally happy leading a rock climb or simply rustling up a curry.

Simon has historical family links in Derby, and is proud to put down roots again in the East Midlands and help business in the area.

Simon is also a regular at the Derby-based ‘Not Another Networking Group’, supporting the Me&Dee charity. Read more about his tips and thoughts on networking here →

Why 'The Apple Yard'?

So, it probably didn’t take you long to start wondering how we got the name. Well, there’s a few things going on there.

Partly it’s a play on our surname, ‘Cox’, i.e., after the apple, Cox’s Orange Pippin - a classic English dessert apple. In fact, we grow our own apple trees on our allotment, but some East Midlands varieties, not Cox’s.

It also reflects our desire to be an outfit where work and play sit side-by-side; allowing creativity to ooze out at every opportunity.

There’s also the slight rustic quality, which resonates with our love of: our Edwardian semi-detached house; botanical prints; antique items with a story.

Our story

We’ve got a long and interesting story that is rooted in Derby, but weaved its way through Ireland, North Africa and America. It explains why we love nature, beauty, creativity and the way we work.