Giclée Prints and Personal Work

As a creative I am always busy. My brain is forever thinking about new things to try, to make and to design. Whether it’s making a leather journal, a stained glass panel, quilting, knitting, painting; there’s usually something being created in the corner of our home.

Over the past few years I’ve done the odd bit of illustration for html emails, infographic work and made pictures for friends. Drawing on the computer doesn’t come most naturally to me as I like the freedom of the pencil and paintbrush, but as I’ve grown my skills as a designer I have appreciated the pattern work by other creatives and been encouraged to create my own designs in my own style.

I’m currently working on some limited edition seasonal Giclée prints as well as named poster prints for keepsakes for children. The poster prints are feminine but I’m hoping to develop some more generic botanicals and creepy crawlie poster prints soon!

These will be for sale shortly through our website and forming part of ‘Apple Yard Studios’.

Winter Giclee Print in Nude, Teal and Navy

winter seasonal print.jpg

Personalised poster prints


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