Host Derby branding project


Branding projects are some of our favourites as we help organisations bring visual form to their corporate identities. In this case we were working on Host Derby, a project of Upbeat Communities.

Upbeat Communities is a good friend of ours, and based just round the corner in Derby. It is a Christian charity that exists to help refugees settle and rebuild their lives in the UK.

Host Derby is a hosting scheme that provides temporary accommodation for destitute asylum seekers with host families in Derby and the Derbyshire area.

It is managed by Upbeat Communities, but run in partnership with a number of organisations such as Red Cross and Refugee Advice Centre.

Host Derby branding project by The Apple Yard

The brief

Andrew approached us with the brief:

  1. Create a very simple logo that fits with the Upbeat Communities branding, but also with a sense of its own identity

  2. Design an A5 flyer to promote the project

The initial round of design used separate a colour palette to the mothership, Upbeat Communities, which you can see here (N.B the compression has distorted the colours).


However, the team decided that the main colours of Upbeat Communities actually well suited the project, so we quickly kitted out Host Derby like its parent!

Host Derby branding project by The Apple Yard

Our thoughts

Here are some of the things we enjoyed about the project:


1. Quick turn around

Sometimes projects necessarily take some time, but in this case initial enquiry to delivery was very quick.

We enjoyed this fast-pace, agile project, as we were able to nail down the concept quickly with the Host Derby team.

Revision and edits are inevitable, but it was satisfying to make the necessary changes at pace and get them signed off by Andrew.


2. Vibrant design

Never underestimate the power of bright colours and good imagery.

This was the case with Host Derby. The fresh, clean colours and visuals really sell the project as a positive initiative that promises to make impact for the better.

This is all the more important as the initial phase of the project was to kick start funds to get it up and running.

Making an impact with potential donors to get them to part with their cash is critical.


3. The branding package

Seeing a branding package with the fonts, colours and logos all coming together is really satisfying.

Despite some changes at revision stage #1, we felt that we worked well with the team to alight on the eventual design, which carries the overall brand identity.


And here is the style summary of the Host Derby flyer in all its glory - pretty good for a quick turn around on a budget. Just what a small charity needs!

Host Derby branding project by The Apple Yard