Building The Apple Yard - early days

Building The Apple Yard - Early days

Building The Apple Yard - early days

Two millennials with lofty ideals seeking to make a difference

Journalling and self-reflection is a healthy part of life, let alone business.

We wanted to write about our personal experiences of launching a small business, cataloguing our successes and failures.

Hopefully that will help us learn in the process and give you a few pointers.

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We've split into a few sections to give it some structure, which should help you to follow along with us over time.

  1. Lessons learned 👉

Building The Apple Yard - Early days

Lessons learned

Rachael and I have been going now since September 2017, eight months to date.

I think my main lesson learned in that time relates to the question:

How do you know when it is the right time to launch a small business


How did you know when you were ready to get your business up and running?

For me, there were two signs.

1. Friends and good acquaintances started approaching us

This was a telltale sign, when people we knew well approached us.

Often they referred to previous projects we had contributed to and were impressed with our involvement.

This may have been in a previous employed role, sideshows or something voluntary.

The difference now is that they would ask for our formal assistance in similar areas in their business or charity.

2. Work arrived on our doorstep

I think an important part of being an entrepreneur or launching a small business is about being opportunist.

One of our early projects arrived out of the blue via social media.

We had a choice whether to go with it or not, as things were very embryonic.

The fact that someone had the faith to put their trust in us and get in contact was sufficient for us to run with it.


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